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Mini - symposium Title

MS010  Computational Methods in Biomechanics


The mini-symposium "Computational Methods in Biomechanics" aims to explore the advancements in computational modeling and the integration of artificial intelligence to solve biomedical problems. The symposium will focus on patient-specific modeling, design of medical devices, treatment planning, and predictive modeling. With computational methods and AI revolutionizing the field, this symposium will provide an essential platform for discussing recent advancements, practical applications, and future directions. Attendees will gain insights from leading researchers and practitioners in the related fields.

Lead Organizer

Associate Prof. Chi-Lun Lin, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN


Associate Prof. Dr. Yung-Chung Chen, School of Dentistry & Institute of Oral Medicine, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN
Chief, Division of Prosthodontics, Department of Stomatology, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, TAIWAN

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