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Mini - symposium Title

MS008  Micromechanics Modeling of Solids


Micromechanics encompasses mechanics related to microstructures of materials. The method employed is a continuum theory of elasticity yet its applications cover a broad area relating to the mechanical behavior of materials: plasticity, fracture and fatigue, constitutive equations, composite materials, polycrystals, etc. Although these subjects are traditionally treated by means of a powerful and unified method which is called the “eigenstrain method”, new topics are emerging constantly. Targeted research may cover a range of length scales from nano, over micro and meso to full product/structure level, with a focus on engineering embracing high performance applications spanning from low volume/high cost to high volume/low cost engineering material development. Explorations deal with design, research and development studies, experimental investigations, theoretical analysis and fabrication techniques relevant to the application of solids in load-bearing components for assemblies, ranging from individual components such as plates and shells to complete solid structures. We cordially invite contributions from various branches of micromechanics of solids.

Lead Organizer

Associate Prof. Chien-hong Lin, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN


Associate Prof. Li-Wei Tseng, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, National Changhua University of Education, TAIWAN

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