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Mini - symposium Title

MS0016  Understanding of Complex Flows of Multiphase and Multicomponent


In multi-phase flows, two or more distinct phases, such as gases, liquids, or solids, coexist and interact with each other to redistribute and transport physical quantities. Multi-component flows, on the other hand, involve diffusion and chemical reactions to exchange mass, momentum, and energy. Describing the transport of multi-phase and multi-component complex flows is crucial in numerous natural and industrial processes. However, modeling multiphase and multi-component complex flows poses great challenges due to their inherent complexities, multi-scale, and nonlinear nature.

The research field encompasses a wide range of problems, such as fluid-fluid two-phase flows (gas-liquid or liquid-liquid), particle-laden flows (gas-solid, liquid-solid, sedimentation, or slurries), granular flows, cavitation, combustion, bubble dynamics, and phase change phenomena. Each subject has unique characteristics and requires specific research methods to bridge the fundamentals to the practical applications, and scientific computing has emerged as a promising means. This includes a novel theoretical framework and solution strategy, a new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) scheme, a novel mesh generation method, and even an AI-assisted computation or those integrated with experimental findings. 

Here, we welcome researchers from all areas to share their findings or research progress on multiphase and multi-component complex flows

Lead Organizer

Prof. Fu-Ling Yang, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN.   Email: 


Associate Prof. Ching-Sen Wu, Department of Civil Engineering, National Ilan University, TAIWAN.   Email: 

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