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Mini - symposium Title

MS0014  Embracing the Quintessence of Digital Twins via Pioneering Computational Simulations


The burgeoning field of digital twins has transcended mere conceptualisation, emerging as a cornerstone of contemporary computational mechanics and simulation. This minisymposium, “Embracing the Quintessence of Digital Twins through Pioneering Computational Simulations”, seeks to congregate eminent scholars and practitioners to deliberate on the avant-garde advancements and pragmatic applications of digital twins.
Encompassing a panoply of domains, from aerospace engineering to biomedical sciences, digital twins offer a virtual doppelgänger of physical entities, enabling unprecedented predictive maintenance, optimisation, and innovation. The symposium will spotlight seminal research and case studies that epitomise the synergy between high-fidelity simulations and real-time data assimilation.
Participants will gain insights into the intricate algorithms, robust frameworks, and sophisticated modelling techniques that underpin digital twins. Additionally, the symposium will delve into the ethical ramifications and strategic foresight necessary for the sustainable integration of digital twins into industrial and societal paradigms.
By fostering a confluence of interdisciplinary expertise, this minisymposium aims to chart the future trajectory of digital twins, elucidating their transformative potential and fostering a discourse that will shape the next epoch of simulation-based innovation.

Lead Organizer

PAssociate Professor Dean Chou D.Phil. (Oxon), Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan 701401, Taiwan


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