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Mini - symposium Title

MS001  Recent Advances in Acoustics and Vibration


Acoustics and vibration are intrinsically interrelated, and these mechanical phenomena  often have a huge impact on our daily lives, from listening to music to vehicle vibrations. Sound and vibration measurement and analysis techniques are critical in many industries  such as aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics, manufacturing and healthcare,  as they have significant influences on the quality of products and services, the  performance or reliability of equipment and even public health and safety. In order to  communicate new knowledge of sound and vibration, this mini-symposium is planned for  gathering researchers to discuss their recent advances in acoustics and vibration  research achievements on important theoretical and experimental aspects. Both  fundamental works with potential for practical application and engineering development  with modern technology for solving problems in acoustics and vibration are sincerely  welcome.

Lead Organizer

Professor Jung-San Chen , Department of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung  University, TAIWAN



Associate Professor Chien-Kai Wang, Department of Mechanical Engineering,  National Taiwan University, TAIWAN

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